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A concentrate of technology in this little white box.... and this hold habit, the curiosity, that drives some of us to listen without prejudice to EVERYTHING,  lead us one day to listen to the Airport Express from Apple as we listened before, with the same interest, many large sources, some of them at more than 30 000 Euro. We were initially surprised by the astonishing ability of the Airport to bring us into the music.

Without the slightest effort, the melody emerges, musical arrangements, the atmosphere of rooms, the vocal inflections are evident, we are at the heart of the music. Surprised by this small piece of plastic that plugs directly into the wall and makes as much music .... in a sudden single time, one time ....

La Rosita was born (in 2005)

From the Airport Express to our Iota and Alpha

The back of the Alpha

WITH THE NEW MODULE V2.0              

We needed to know more
If, on purely musical terms, there was no equivalent, excepted perhaps for a LP Player, in our view, the transparency of the Airport of origin, although far beyond many sources, showed some dullness that did not seem to come from the concept itself. We needed to go further. It should be noted that the power of iTunes, the free Mac / PC software, written by Apple, is an asset by the qualities of its ripping and friendliness of use.

La Rosita was born (in 2005)
Matching the  arrival of Airport express from Apple

First, the absolute need to provide the best possible value for money and a starting with the La Rosita iota and the ability to evolve gradually to other models in the range.  ( The iota is not available in Asia)

With the success of the first models ( Iota), it became possible to consider more efficient models.
Then everything became possible (creation of Omega Models, Pi  π models). Digital Output AND / OR analog outputs, Coaxial AND / OR Symmetrical internal or external clock "switchable" and several levels of power.

Remote control your  Rosita (all model) from your iPhone or iPodTouch with “Remote”

Since the 7.7 version of iTunes, And thanks to "Remote" (available at the version 2.0 of the firmware on your Iphone (3G or not) or your IpodTouch, you can remotely control LA ROSITA and access to your CD collection without leaving your chair. (Link by WiFi)
"Remote", works instantly regardless of the size of your CD collection. Direct access to your CDs, your "play list", etc., etc..
TOTAL Compatibility Mac and PC (Windows XP, Vista and Seven)

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